Week 3 Instability of the Rhymed Khyned

Ah!  I’d previously known about Pat’s ideas on family rhymes and for his distaste for couplets, but another penny dropped this week.  [No, wait.  It couldn’t have been a penny…]

One can craft stability and instability into a song by turning the knobs on the rhyming machine.

One knob is labelled “perfection”.  Perfect rhymes are always stable.  The English language is rhyme-poor.  Pat has identified methods of getting near-rhymes based on phonemes and “sonic bonding”.  The further towards consonance rhyme you go, the less stable-sounding is the rhyme.

Another knob is the rhyming scheme.  ABAB is stable, whereas ABBA is unstable, and so on.

This week’s assignment was to create a stable verse followed by an unstable chorus, incorporating last week’s and this week’s tools.

My unstable chorus, with analysis, is below:

Crossed, boxed, who’s outfoxed?
Lay your cards out on the table
Your horse is sleeping in its stable
Your NASCAR auto needs a booster cable
Be a good loser, loser, get lost

rhyming scheme: abbba (unstable)

5 lines (unstable)

line lengths: 3, 3, 3, 4, 4 (unstable)

/Crossed, /boxed, who’s out/foxed?
/Lay your /cards out on the /table
Your /horse is /sleeping in its /stable
Your /NASCAR /auto needs a /booster /cable
Be a good /loser, /loser, /get /lost


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