Week 5 – AIC – In search of a title

Here are the titles that I “found” using a random title generator  (http://muse.fawm.org/titular).  In the order I “found” them.

I copy/pasted only the titles that “struck” me.  The 1,00’s of titles I rejected do not appear (and, through the law of statistics, will probably never appear again – their loss).



jealous guitars
separate to my someone
i don’t remember
the compromise within
too current to lie
web and beers
the incantations
scream to terror
under the glue
you are my word
a hunt in warfare
treasure walks on stone
telephone mist (innocent heaven)
virtue in the deaths
poppin’ seems in the interview
down by the whip
blade & association pump
you’re my cafe
i’m your skyline
my river madness spot
fantasy in forgetting
she’s yo ohio
you cannot drive me
out of wire
follow me to the mrs
blowing from the style
brooklyn reminds
i faced you
back in puzzle
remix me
gorgeous enough to meet
nose in my imaginary
up the idea
she does a runner
i’m your inch
bloody, brave and plastic
understand me feelin’ me
you thought me
the ordinary dull gift
shoes collapse
by healing
resolve it down
i hate this lip
scream a positive lifetime
2000 thru gonna
not your anvil
inside the disease
i squeeze wednesday
I am an experience
redneck your fence
back in horror
you’re my perfection
into the heartache
i’m the taxi
all this disease
the 1,2,3
confused for society
7th cried
the daylight of it all
i am playing
this hurts our piece
supreme without socks
without pockets
what do you slow?
i’m a wash
from afterlife to prairie
plead like enemy
my taste of rainbow
under the pigs
it beats the rule
use of the saying
airplane again
bounce the champion in
play it out
jump like wolves
loving it back


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