Week 5 – AIC – Miller Thyme

============ 6:15pm April 6, 2013

My brain hurts, but I see progres!  Only a few hours ago, I didn’t like the title and had no clue how to proceed!

Now, I’m simply arguing with myself about the last verse.  I’d love to find a perfect rhyme (stable) for “back”, but there ain’t one that fits.  “Black” is perfect, but, I don’t see how to use it in the happy homecoming verse.

I can stabilize using ABAB with perfect A rhymes.  Maybe a repetition of the last line.

Keeping the options open for a bridge, if any.  Storm breaks, eye of the hurricane.  Warm sunlight.  Oh, warm sunlight dries up the tears from the storm.

Taking a break, let the brain swelling die down.  I think I’ve earned the right to renewed procrastinate, I see being able to converge this by the due date…


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