Week 5 – AIC – Rhyme Thyme

…… 3pm, April 6, 2013

Only ONE hour has passed???  I’m so bored, but I do have a list of rhymes for all three words love, you and back.  [Included in the next installment].

It’s dawned on me that the phrase “love you back” could also mean “I’d love to have you return”.

And “boomerang”.  Fits both – 2-way love (love mutually returned), and, you’ve gone and now you’ve returned.


Box 1: 2-way elation.  You love me and I Love You Back.
Box 2: Oh, no, you’ve left – I’d Love You Back.
Box 3: You’ve returned – it’s wonderful, I Love You Back.

Shaping up: POV = me speaking to you.
Where’d you go?
Why’d you go?
Did you stop loving me?  Prison sentence?  Hospital?
Why did you come back?

Box 1 looks “stable”.  Box 2 is “unstable”.  Box 3 is back to “stable”.

If this is going to be Country, then the three verses are going to roughly need the same structure – stresses and rhyme scheme.  So, maybe I can differentiate stable from unstable by choice of rhyming words??  (Perfect rhymes in 1 and 3, assonance and consonance in 2).

Box 1 could also hint at trouble, e.g. you know I love you back, right?  So it could also be unstable.

Or, maybe it’s unstable-verse1, stable chorus, unstable verse-2, stable chorus, stable bridge you’ve come back, stable (resolved) chorus??  Less writing = fewer splinters in AIC…

Ah, no, it should be unstable-verse1, unstable chorus, unstable verse-2, unstable chorus, stable bridge you’ve come back, stable (resolved) chorus??  The unstable chorii can have odd line counts and finish on suspended notes, finally resolving to a chorus with one more line and finishing on a root note.

Now on to thesaurifying various words to see where that will take my brain…

But first, I really should check my email, facebook and the forum :-).  And the dog wants me to take him out.


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