Week 5 – AIC – Jumping into the deep end

[The SAC (Songwriters Association of Canada) has challenged its members to take Pat Pattison’s songwriting course (coursera.org) and to write a weekly blog about it.  This is week 5 of 6.  I’m going off the 3 meter board.  The assignment this week is to write a whole song.  At the risk of having lots of egg on my face when I’m done, I’m going to “live” blog the whole process … ]

2pm, Saturday, April 6, 2013

I attended a seminar where author Antanas Sileika was on the panel.  At one point, he was asked where he gets inspiration from when writing novels.  His answer was:



“Ass In Chair”, he clarified.

Here I sit, with only a few days to go, and I haven’t started on my assignment for week 5 – writing a whole song from scratch, using the various principles taught by Pat Pattison.

AIC, eh?  We’ll see!  I’m already procrastinating by simply writing this portion of the blog…

Someone posted a link to a fascinating tool – a random title generator


Like a slot machine addict in Reno, I kept hitting the “get new titles” button to see if any of the 5 generated titles would hit the jackpot this time.  Was I going to get cherries or lemons?

After a few pages, of 5 totally ludicrous titles containing randomly selected words per page, neurons started to fire in my brain.  I started copying the bits and pieces.

After copying 77 titles (254 words, 1432 characters, listed in the next installment), I hit “love it back”.  This transmogrified into “Love You Back” and is now my working title.

I don’t know where that title is going to take me.  It sounds like a modern Country piece, happy, 2-way love.

Something I would never willingly write.

Onto the challenge!

Will I have a song before I have to watch Nik Stauskas (a friend’s son) plays NCAA Final Four at 8:30pm tonight???

Will I have a song before the deadline (Wednesday)????


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