Week 5 – AIC – Sailing Home?

[I don’t get what’s going on here. This post should be listed after the life preserver post, but, no matter what I do, WordPress inserts this post before that one. So, scroll down, select the next post, then come back to this one. If someone knows how to teach WordPress to arramge posts in time-order, please let me know…]

===================== 5:35pm April 7, 2013

Mr. Fretboard says – man, you need a chorus, just two lines will do!

Well, that’s easy to do, with all the material I’ve written so far.

The chorus is (wait for it):

I love your laugh
I love you back.

Interesting. I kept the “I love you back” as the last line of each verse, ending on a sus4 chord, then the chorus repeats it and resolves.

And, the last verse repeats the “I love your laugh”. So, bang, the most important point is amplified in the last verse+chorus.

I liked “on the map” better than “on the path”. “Map” fires another “sea” neuron – I see one of those old, yellowed maps from the 1400’s in my head.

And, Mr. Fretboard says, play it real slow, like Amazing Grace. [It could be that Mr. Fretboard’s operator isn’t feeling his Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull chops today – I did, at least look up the transcription for Dun Ringill http://www.angelfire.com/nc/brunni/dnrc.html )

So, it’s a wrap for tonight and maybe this assignment. I need to sing it in, so that I don’t offend the reviewers, record it and soundcloud it, along with filling out the other bits of the assignment.

I may very well revisit this song, after I see what my reviewers say.

Bridge? I didn’t think it needed it, but then my ears are biased.

If you have an opinion, do let me know!

I’ll post the soundcloud and any other thoughts in the next days…

Our [D]lines intertwined [D6/B]
[F#]Eyes hooked, enwrapped

[G]You love me
I [Asus4]love you back


I [G]love your laugh
I love you [D]back

[D]Ocean storms [D6/B]
[F#]Sharks on the map
[G]Can you see?
I’d [Asus4]love you back


[D]Homeward bound [D6/B]
I [F#]love your laugh
[G]Sun-dried eyes
I [Asus4]love you back



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