Week 5 – AIC – Wakey achy.

9:30am Sunday April 7, 2013

Mutt accompanied me while he created some yellow snow (yes, dammit, there’s still a small iceberg remaining in the shadiest corner of my property).

And, Avast! virus database has been updated!

There’s a jar of laughed-over coffee (nothing like spending time with a rhyming dictionary), but I brewed a fresh pot anyway.  President’s Choice, Gourmet Coffee, extra fine grind.

Just to get the senses sensing.

Recap.  (Aka procrastination, as I try to turn the engine over).

I got a title that I had little clue what to do with.

I did a rhyme worksheet.  What, about 100 or so words.

By the time I finished the worksheet, my 3 boxes showed up, in two forms, even.

And, one rhyme turned on it’s neon sign, blinking “use me, use me, use me!”.

I thought “boomerang’ might come into play.


The blinking neon sign said “eye contact”.

In fact, it said “eye kontact”.  The trailing consonants, “ct”, rhyme (at the edge) with  the “ck” in “back”.  The last word in my working title.  And the “a”s preceding the consonants were the same.  Somehow, my brain saw the “ck”, and emphasized the “k” in “kontact”.  Another neon sign.

So, as soon as I tried to start up the lyric, “eye contact” jumped in front of the bus.  Use me.  Use ME!

I did.

Eye.  Eye of a needle.  Eye of a hook.

Hooked at eye contact.

Goodbye “boomerang”.

Hello fishing.

Wasn’t on my worksheet.  But, it came from my worksheet.  It meandered out in front of me.

The first two lines jumped out:

Hooked at eye contact
Our lives [lines] tangled.

But, I wanted to rhyme “back” and for some unknown reason, I wanted it to be somewhat more stable.

So, it couldn’t sit at the end of the first line.  It wanted to sit in line 2.

Well, that’s not hard, just flip the lines around.

Our lines tangled.
Hooked at eye contact.

Oh, that’s not bad at all.  Line one paints some kind of image, but leaves a bit of mystery.  “Lines”?  Huh?

Oh, “hooked”.  Snap.

My coffee’s ready.


ps. Nik Stauskas’ (Stausko) team won last night.  So, I know what I’m doing Monday night.  What a thrill for him and his family.


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