Week 5 – AIC – Epiblog.

===== 6:07pm April 10, 2013

I thought I’d finished the song / assignment 3 days ago (Sunday).

I was, quite literally, exhausted. My brain was sucked dry. My fingers refused to play the guitar. Literally.

I devoted my “time” on Monday to “singing it in” and then recording it for soundcloud late Monday, Tuesday or at the last minute, Wednesday.

I, also, knew that my time on Monday would be restricted – I wanted to watch Nik Stauskas’ (Stausko) team play the NCAA championship.

I got some “time” in the afternoon, and started to play the song “in”.

After a while, with all of the stress analysis data in front of me, shouting at me (for the first time), the chords I was using started to slide around on the page. I started playing the chords in different musical slots.

Then, suddenly, the melody morphed.

Some “force” forced me to sing some of the notes longer than others.

For me, this was a revelation. I had never sung home-grown notes in that manner.

And then, the chord changes fell into place, complementing the choice of notes and musical structure.

I went downstairs and recorded the resulting song in 3 full takes (disregarding the ‘argh delete this one because I played the wrong chord’ takes). My voice is pitchy – I can’t hold the notes that I’d written – but, from my perspective it’s the best melody I’ve written.

Maybe Prosody does work and give inspiration…


ps. I got it soundclouded before tip-off time.


One response to “Week 5 – AIC – Epiblog.

  1. Interesting-what i can hear with this tune is you speaking the verses like you do the first one and only singing the choruses-a sort of tough guy revealing his heart thing. Because it has a man of few words quality about it which I really like.

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