Week 2 of 6in6

Well, well.


So, I’ve officially broken my own record.  Two songs in two weeks.

And only 3 hours ago, the 2nd song didn’t even exist.

And, I was convinced that I’d have to take a pass this week, due to pressures at work.

The result is very raw (song written in 1/2 hour, noodled with for a couple of hours, then recorded in one live take – argh – on a DAW I haven’t learned to use yet :-).  [Oh, wait a minute, this is the moment where the audience takes out their cans of Song-Writer-Shut-Up and sprays it in my general direction …].

After only half-doing the exercise this week (did I mention that I’ve got huge deadlines at work?), I found myself uttering under my breath after having dragged the mutt through the snow at ****’ing 8am -TURN THE COLD OFF  <expletive, expletive, expletive>.

And I heard what I said!

And I promptly wrote it down.

By 4pm, I was aching to write this line into a song.

And so I did.

I did the 3-box thing, then the rhyme thing.  All of the rhymes are close rhymes for “off”.  Worksheet below.

The theme might seem familiar.  I’m tired of this winter.  That gave me two more boxes almost without thinking.

The lyric below doesn’t quite match what I finally sang.  There was some give and take between the singer and the professor :-).

== soundcloud ==

== worksheet ==

box 1. tired of winter
box 2. tired of things breaking down
box 3. tired of your attitude

off, cough, broth, cloth, thawed, smog, chalk, Dodge, Prague, slog, last straw, lockjaw, Warsaw, coleslaw, hot rod, outtalk, pawnshop, nonstop, doorstop, dryrot, vapour lock, deadlock, headlock, unlock, baccarat, lemon law, waterlog, parking lot, laughingstock, starting block, cinderblock, electroshock,

walk, clock, shot,

dead sea sidewalk
salt licks my tongue
and makes me cough

baby, baby turn the cold off
turn the cold off
baby, turn the cold off

deadlocked vapourlocked
car broke the lemon law
now it’s on a cinderblock

baby, baby turn the cold off
turn the cold off
baby, turn the cold off

and when you’re near me
when I feel your warm breath on my shoulder
when I’m down
and your delicate hands touch me
you push me gently away
that’s the last straw

baby, baby turn the cold off
turn the cold off
baby, turn the cold off


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