Week 1, 2015 – SAttaC Bang!

This week started with a Bang.  The Big Bang.

Matt Dusk inspired us to write songs – for his style – by pointing us at five different pop songs.  He’s asking us to produce one song and to pitch it to him at the end of week 6.

The Big Bang was at the top of the list.  Rock Mafia.

At first, I thought that this was a cheap song, slapped together in a hurry with lots of marketing behind it.

Then, I pulled out my bag of lyric-writing screwdrivers and started to take it apart.

I’m definitely more impressed, now.  I blogged my thoughts here:


On the way, I also blogged some thoughts about choruses:


(It’s been a busy week :-).

As for co-writing, I’ve found two writers, one very young and the other much younger than me (sorry, that’s not saying much :-).  We’re actually looking for more co-writiers – we want to beat the Rock Mafia at their own game.



Writing should be easy, right?

We’ve got starts on several songs.

We’ll keep bashing at them over the coming weeks.

Procrastination is a good thing.  It gets you to work hard, right at the very end…

It’s -22C with a wind-chill of -40 Kelvin.  I might just go back to bed now…

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