Thinking about week 2. Rob Wells.

As some of you who have met me may know, I don’t exactly fit in this demographic.

I let youtube guide me through some of these artists’ works and I give a quickie analysis below…

Selena Gomez 158M views

Demi Lovato 153M views 179M views
Heart Attack 287M views

Selena Gomez is singing about angst.  “There’s a million reasons why I should give you up”.

Strong, sweet melody over beats.  I’m hearing 84 BPM 4/4 time (lots of you people are better at this than me, so please feel free to correct me).

Chorus: The heart hears what it wants.  Repeat.  Fairly neutral.  Cool.

The *hook* is the last line of the chorus.

a-a, a-a, a-a-a a ants

Instead of being melodic, the last line of the chorus goes “digital”.  The same note sung in a digital/staccato manner, on a vowel.  1/16th notes?  Triplets-y?

When I write the 1st verse lyric out as pure English phrases, I get insanely long lines…

You’ve got me sipping on something I can’t compare to nothing I’ve ever known.
I’m hoping that after this fever I’ll survive.
I know I’m acting a bit crazy strung out, a little bit hazy.
Hand over heart, I’m praying that I’m going to make it out alive.

The first line is chopped up into 3 musical phrases (I think).  SOMEthing, NOthing, KNOWN.

I’m hearing 3 musical phrases in the 2nd line.  HOping, FEver, surVIVE.
(This 2nd line is front-heavy, it comes in early, I think).

Then 3 musical phrases again.  (Or is that 2?)

Then 4 musical phrases?

Next is the pre-chorus.  It lifts (a few semitones?), and stays there.

Then, the chorus drops down in pitch, the heart wants what it wa a-a a-a a-a-a nts.  Repeat.

Damn that heart.  It’s sinister…

[I know someone who would hand out a healthy spanking for this kind of mis-match of lyrical phrasing vs. musical phrasing.  It’s novel-sounding, but, it *could* have been better.  It’s not that difficult to fix lyrical phrasing, e.g.

You’ve got me sipping on something.
I can’t compare this to anything.
This is like nothing I’ve ever known.

Or something like that :-].

Demi Lovato is about singing big notes and runs.  American Idol territory.

‘Till later.

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