Week 2 – The Rob Wells Challenge

This week, Rob Wells challenged us to write a “strong female based Pop/Top 40 song.  Think Selena Gomez.  Think Demi Lovato… Trim the fat”.

I had the great pleasure of a 3-way co-write with talented song-creators – Mikalyn Hay and her dad Michael.

The first thing I did was to wrap my head around the artists that Rob mentioned.  I shared my analysis here


I had a busy week (I am in the middle of an Ableton Live course, with homework due soon, and spent the weekend attending Emm Gryner’s songwriting course), but found this co-write to be relatively stress-free.

I had complete confidence in my co-writers – they shot ideas at me, and I was allowed to concentrate on lyric engineering.

Mikalyn was amazing.  We used her intuition as to what kinds of things to write for that market, then we (Michael and I) pushed back with lyrics.  She came up with the melodies and chords – in effect, she “bottom-lined” it :-).

All done via email, proof that co-writing can work with email.

I’m very pleased with the result…

Allister Bradley was kind enough to produce this for us.  As an added bonus, Mikalyn sang on Sean’s and Allister’s songs – I’m sure that it was a great learning experience for her!

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