Week 3 – Spirit of a Child

This week’s challenge was to write an advertising spot that captures the spirit of a child.  We were not told what the product is, so we had “free reign” in that respect.

I attended Emm Gryner’s class in Sheridan Oakville on Saturday and Sunday.  This 3rd week SAC challenge was issued on the very next morning.

There were an odd number of students in the class, so Emm joined in on many of the pair-up exercises.

I was lucky enough to get to write with Emm.

Guess what?  Our exercise was to write a commercial spot.  Our resulting piece had a child-like quality to it!

With Emm’s full permission, this became a 4-way co-write.  Emm and I wrote the lyrics, Mikalyn and her dad came up with the music.  Mikalyn added the final line, that I fought so hard with Emm to leave out.  Emm, you were right!

This was written for a very specific product, as you’ll hear…

(FYI: Emm is teaching the class again on May 23, https://caps.sheridancollege.ca/products/LITT78008__SongwritingWorkshop.aspx ).

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