Week2 – Sac Challenge 2016


Week 2.  This audio, finally, reveals the reason why I prefer to work with younger performers :-).  Apologies to North and RBT in advance.

I’m a songwriter, not a performer.

This version was done with a phone.  I let my timing wander (as I almost always do).

I tried this for a whole afternoon with a drum track, and, it sounded worse :-).

Bryan Potvin challenged us  to write a song with a story.

Lately, I’ve been listening to Brandy Clark’s latest album (Big Time in a Small Town).  She’s one of the most clever songwriters and story tellers around.

I tried to channel Brandy as I noodled around with several story ideas.

I know Nik Stauskas’ parents well (in fact his mom’s mom taught me early piano) and explored the idea of writing about a dunk wizard.  The available articles about him were way too sports oriented and left me with no story to write.

I, then remembered how I used to be a photography buff.  I finally quit taking pictures when I realized that I wasn’t seeing my kids grow up except through the eyepiece of a camera.

That gave a germ of an idea and the rest is fiction.

The verses are AxxA rhyme scheme, 4 stresses, 3, 4, 3, fairly front-heavy.  The chorus is back heavy (sung off the downbeat).

If I were critiquing this, the first thing I would notice is that “of” (3rd verse, 3rd line) is sung in a spotlight position (melodically significant note).

Shame on me.

If I were a better performer (and had time to sing this in), I would insert some rests to move “of” onto a less significant note of the melody.



During a conversation this week, I promised to post my analysis of Let Her Go.  It is here




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